Medium Birds

General Information

Birds listed in this category are birds, that for one reason or another, have to find a new home. These birds are also listed in this category as medium sized birds primarily due to their beak size.

These birds can be a challenge to start with, but with time and positive reinforcement, a new relationship can blossom into a lifelong companionship.

We will help educate you as to the mannerism and diverse complexities of some of these birds so that the transition process into your home will be smooth sailing.  We engage these birds purposefully, to ensure their needs are individually accommodated.  

Also remember that Feathered Follies is dedicated to assisting you during this process! You can contact us at anytime.

Types of Medium Birds

  • Hahns Macaw
  • Brown Head Parrot
  • Meyers Parrot
  • Senegal Parrot
  • Caiques
  • Pionus
  • Doves
  • Aratingas
    • Sun Conures
    • Jenday Conures
    • Blue Crown Conures
    • Mitred Conures
  • Asiatic Parakeets
    • Indian Ringnecks
    • Mustache Parakeets


We never rehome our birds the same day. It is while the bird is in our care that we ask our customers to make a dedication to these wonderful animals, as they can live a long time in captivity. This process will ensure a positive connection with you and the bird.  

Available Birds

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