Grooming Your Bird at Feathered Follies

  • Call 925-681-BIRD To Make A Grooming Appointment Today!***
  • Walk-in's are possible, however the  groomer may not always be available depending on the appointments scheduled for the day. To better assist you we recommend you make an appointment. 
  • Please bring your bird in an adequate carrier.
  • Appointments are made in 15 min installments between 1:00pm-5:00pm, from Wednesday through Friday, and 1:00pm- 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. There are no grooming appointments Monday or Tuesday.

corrective grooming is also available!


Niko has severe scissor- beak. 

This is him prior to corrective grooming.

keep your bird comfortable and healthy!


Niko after the beak shaping!
Climbing, eating, and playing are all easier and more comfortable for him now.

Bird Grooming Price List

To better assist you, we recommend that you make an appointment to guarantee that your bird is groomed the day and time you prefer, within our grooming hours.

Bird Size Definitions

See our FAQ page for the general definition of bird size classifications (not all inclusive)