Extra Small Birds

General Information

Our extra small birds are birds that may not make the best hands on pets, due to their size or previous circumstances.

Birds listed in this category are birds that have not necessarily been socialized with people. This does not mean that the specific species cannot be handled or trained, as there are many cases in which these types of birds do bond with individuals. 

These birds may prefer the company of other birds while having their beauty admired from afar in a large aviary. 

While these birds may not depend upon the social interactions of their owners, they do still require an element of care which includes feeding, watering, providing enrichment, and a clean environment. 

Types of Extra Small Birds

  • Canaries
  • Finches


We never rehome our birds the same day. It is while the bird is in our care that we ask our customers to make a dedication to these wonderful animals, as they can live a long time in captivity. This process will ensure a positive connection with you and the bird.  

Available Birds

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