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Boarding Your Bird at Feathered Follies

Board your feathered friends with us and know that your family member is being cared for as if it were one of our own! 

Our Boarding Room Includes many amenities that makes your bird's stay safer and more enjoyable than anywhere else!

  • 24/7 Video Monitoring Security Cameras
  • 24/7 Alarm Security System
  • Hepa Filters for the cleanest air quality
  • Sanitizing foot baths at every entrance
  • Music Variety Daily

Our staff at Feathered Follies will take excellent care of your bird while you are away. We make sure they have fresh food and water at all times. We feed them our very own “Homemade grain bakes”, “Fruit and Vegetable mixtures”, and nuts to make sure your feathered friends receive the best nutrition every day.

We pride ourselves on being the best care for your bird and it shows in everything we do. When your feathered friends board with us we clean your birds’ cages every day. We can also groom your bird while you are away - upon request.

All birds must have at least two (2) size-appropriate toys in their cage, though more are certainly welcome! This allows them the chance to play while you’re gone. Please leave your food cups at home. To prevent food bowl loss or breakage, we will use our own.

Remember, we fill up extremely fast when boarding during the holidays! To guarantee a place, we recommend making a reservation as soon as possible.

Pick-up and drop-off for boarding is Saturday and Wednesday between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm, and the other five days between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm

Bird Boarding Price List

Appropriate-sized cage & toys required

Bird Size Definitions

See our FAQ page for the general definition of bird size classifications (not all inclusive)

Make a Boarding Reservation Online!

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