We believe in the ethical and professional sale of all birds. Feathered Follies acquires baby birds from small scale, local,reputable breeders. We are professionals and strive to educate each customer on their feathered companions and provide the best care possible for every bird under our stewardship.

Due to the ethics behind breeding birds, we only sell babies born to parents who are on a normal breeding cycle. Therefore, during winter, babies are less available. Breading season begins 

Baby Birds

General Information

Our baby birds are hand raised and hand fed. We pride ourselves in producing sweet tempered and easily handled babies that are happy and healthy. 

Every baby bird sold at our store comes with:

  • 1 Pound of our Feathered Follies mix that they are currently eating
  • 2 Toys
  • 1 Travel Carrier
  • 1 DNA certificate
  • 30$ Certificate for a vet visit at Medical Center for Birds

Baby bird

Baby bird

Available Baby Birds

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